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Tip Top To Toe - Brazillian Waxing


For the best results, it is necessary to have 4- 6 weekly treatments, and use the correct home care.

Before treatment:

Hair can be 1mm long and preferably no longer than 1cm as longer hair is more painful to wax! Exfoliate the skin the day before your appointment. Moisturise the skin following the exfoliation.

After Treatment:

Avoid for 48 hours:

  • 1.  Spa pool, chlorinated swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, excessive exercise, sunbeds, sunbathing, hot showers and baths. Lukewarm water only
  • 2.  Exfoliating until any sensitivity has diminished
  • 3.   Tight constructive underwear and clothing
  • 4.  Perfumed products

Follicle shock - Skin redness, red and/or white spots after treatment are normal and should disappear within 24-28 hours.

Between treatments:

  • Regular exfoliation of the area 2-3 times weekly, with a mitt, loofah or granular scrub
  • Moisturise area daily to minimise skin dryness
  • Do not moisturise the skin on the day of your treatment

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can be a problem, and some people are more prone to this occurring.

To minimise ingrown hairs reduce friction by wearing loose clothing in susceptible areas and regular exfoliation and moisturising.

Disclaimer: The Beauty Bach cannot forecast or guarantee your waxing result, although most clients do not experience reaction beyond redness, hairs may break at the skin surface, causing some hairs to grow out faster. Please follow the above guidelines to minimise irritation and possible reactions.

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