Your Support is Much Appreciated

Thank you to everyone over these last couple of weeks, it has been a wild ride since I started back in Level 2.!

First there was all the research to find out what the government regulations were to legally reopen, that changed every day it seemed. Then there was all the cleaning and sanitation protocols to set up, I loved all the precise instructions I was given, such as “provide a non-porous container for clients to place their belongings in and sanitize after each use” It must have worked because none of my clients had Covid19! Then we had all the masks and hand sanitizer to deal with during your relaxing appointments.

I was crazy busy for about 10 days as we hacked our way through the bush, but we seem to be all up to speed now and we can take a big breath and relax a bit.

We need to keep up our sanitation levels for a bit but hopefully we won’t return to masks anytime soon.

The positives from lock down seem to be that everyone , that wasn’t working enjoyed the chance to get to know the kids a bit more, spend time at home and catch on on jobs. We all realised how much we valued relationships and freedom to get out and about.

Thank you all for supporting my business and shopping local, it makes a huge difference. Lets not waste what we got from lockdown and keep on valuing ourselves and our relationships.

Here’s to the rest of 2020, on wards and upwards



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