Ae Ae- All About the Eyes


 Kea Brows - Tint and Shape

Brow Tint plus free shape. Make a statement; frame those fabulous eyes with a tint and shape.

Kiwi Eyes - Lash Tint

Lash tint - Batt those beautiful eyes with an amazing lash tint, great to darken lashes and add oomph to that fresh no makeup look.
Kereru Eyes - Brows and lashes tint and shape

Natural looking eyes as beautiful as a kereru. (Kiwi Eyes and Kea Brows)

Kokako lash lift

Natural lashes are enhanced with a curl, making your eyes look wider and brighter

Kakapo Lash Lift &  TintNZ$65
Kingfisher Lash Lift & Tint plus Kea Brow Shape & TintNZ$80







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